There is a mass exodus out of Russia but it's not so easy to see we come to a street in Istanbul to find two of the many Russians on the run but when it was blocked by authorities last week, she knew she and her partner had to flee the country.

“It's like German with Hitler right now and everyone are so horrible terrified by Putin, they are so afraid of him, new fake news laws criminalize independent journalism in Russia making Tanya’s job very dangerous and i think they will take me to the prison for 15 years and just so simple in Russia,” she said.

“I feel desperate, and I hate them so much. I do not know how to tell it and I’m trying not to cry. My Ukrainian colleagues and my relatives - I’m in touch with them, what are they saying is they're just alive and that's the point,” she said.

They're in shock at what their government is doing and deeply worried about friends and family in Russia but also Ukraine

An estimated 200 000 Russians have left since the invasion of Ukraine seeking sanctuary abroad many coming here to Antalya where they've been welcomed for years but finding those willing to talk isn't that easy.

We met a Russian family in estate agents who decided less than a week ago that the mood in Moscow had turned so ugly that they had to get out as soon as possible. So, they told friends and family they're here in turkey on holiday but they're trying to get their property and they won't be going back now. He's not an activist, he's not a journalist or a fishmonger but he said he had so many threats and he have no choice but to get his wife and nine-year-old daughter out and he says it would be too dangerous to talk on camera.

“Our Russian payments those already here say in the last two weeks life has become harder their currency plunging in value and their nation becoming a pariah,” she said.

“When I go outside from my home, I feel not so comfortable now because I’m Russian, because I have Russian passport and because mostly people don't understand that the war is not from our Russian people,” she said.

“We can't smile like before because I have no rights to do it,” she said.

In conclusion, whatever the challenges abroad, it will be easier than life in the motherland.

credit: Dominic Waghorn, sky news Youtube

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